Let's Make Robots!

Starformers (featuring Oddbot, Fristl, and with courtesy of Chris the Carpenter for a really quick appearance)

 Well, this was supposed to be my entry for Oddbot competition, but i realized i stupidly misunderstood the rules... I thought that you could use a cardboard/wooden robot, but when i read the comments, i finally got that you have to use a cardboard robot... I thought the main rule was to make a funny video about robot, even if you don't use a real robot. (yes, sometimes things are a little hard to get when english is not your first language!)

So i guess i'm off competition, but i didn't want to think that i wasted my time so i post it anyway... 'hope you'll enjoy!


                                                         Click here to watch Starformers!!


(and all my apologies to Fristl and CTC ^_^ )

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I watched it 3 times saying to myself... Chris the Carpenter? Where am I? ....

...And there I was, and there I went!

Oh my God! AWESOME!!! 5 Stars! Awesome!!

As i said, "really quick appearance"... ^^
well made. very south-park. (hope you dont mind the comparison)
Are you kidding? You can even say "very Terrence & Phillip"! :D

That was great! no waste of time there, I'm sorry you missed the key insrtuction though,

that was a worthy rise to the challenge :) 

Yeah too bad, but not a big deal tough, i'm glad my stupid cartoon makes people laughs ^^

If i had more time, i would have done the same but instead of jpeg i would have used pieces of cardboard and it would have been a valid entry, but the hell with that, at least it's good tribute to Oddbot and all the things he did for LMR members!

Next time i'll make sure i really understand the rules before getting into work ;)

That was awesome! I think the best part of that whole thing was when the red oddbot-mobile pulled out of the garage and hit the sheep. That was pretty funny.