Let's Make Robots!

Micro-servo Robot-arm

pick up, and move stuff

another small project i made..

thought i might aswell post it here too

he got 6 DOF.

enjoy the videos! :D

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ok thanks

how much does it lift

not much, 2 AA bateries and i wont lift more. i used some very cheap servos ;)

Could you tell in detail how to create just the gripper.

well im making a video at the moment on how to make that! :)

will that count as "details on how to make it" too?


I'd love to make one of these and yes, can we have a video of the cutting?

can u upload a video of how to cut the acryllic plastic ?..

how does it know that there is a object to lift ?..

its pure program. and i just tell it the coordinates of the object and how to move/lift/crush/turn/swing/grab and release it. :)