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4WD chassis from DAGU

4wd-1.flv1.53 MB
4WD-2.flv1.48 MB
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1. 4 gear motor:    12V

2. Unloaded speed:    8100 RPM

3. Speed as slowed down:    200 RPM

4. Output power:    60W

5. Unloaded current:  500mA

6. Four 1:8 wheels:  D148mm

7. Maximum driving speed:  200cm/s

8. Dimension of the base:  400*390*105mm

9. Net.weight of the base:  4.3kg

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Take a look at http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/robo/jbot/jbot.html, might provide a few ideas for this product.
I believe Robologist is friends with the owner of this robot. It was in part, my inspiration for my 6WD chassis.
Yeah, Dave's a great robot builder, have admired his robots for a long time. Haven't heard from him in a bit, think his research at the university has been keeping him busy. But he has beautifully documented his bots.

If you see him you should especially thank him for his work on the nBot.

It has helped me and inspired me alot when building my robot. I will use his design for a wheel encoder on v2 as well.  Weekly I check out his webpage to see how he solved things -- and take that into consideration in my design. I envy you for knowing such a good robotbuilder. 

Any updates on this?

We are making an all terrain platform of our own based on my 6WD chassis. It will probably be sold both as a 4WD and 6WD version. The advantage of my design will be it has suspension. This is as far as we have gotten, we are waiting for motor samples to arrive.


Are those Dagu custom plates on each section, or Tamiya like the original? If they're Dagu's, will they be the same layout (ie compatible with) the Tamiya plates?

Very cool stuff, man. I'm really diggin on all the started-on-LMR stuff that Dagu is doing. Friggin cool ;)

I am trying to get DAGU to produce sheets with the holes in them similar to the tamiya universal plates but larger to make it easy for robot builders to make custom chassis. They will have a 3mm hole every 5mm (same as the tamiya plates)

We want to produce many LMR designs but some things take a lot of time to develope. The caterpillar took over 3 months to get into production and went through several changes along the way. SplatBot and YDM will also take a lot of time. To keep every one busy several smaller projects like this have been started.

Sorry friends, the price of this base is a little high. So we are trying to improve it and reduce the cost.

Oddbot will arrive here two weeks later, and he will help us do this.

By then, I will give you all what you want.

Thank you.

There have been a lot of very exicting new DAGU products described by Claudia. Are there any western distriuters that carry them?

I have purchased some itemes directly from DAGU, but the shipping cost is almostt 50% of the cost of the products.