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4WD chassis from DAGU

4wd-1.flv1.53 MB
4WD-2.flv1.48 MB
Vendor's Description: 



1. 4 gear motor:    12V

2. Unloaded speed:    8100 RPM

3. Speed as slowed down:    200 RPM

4. Output power:    60W

5. Unloaded current:  500mA

6. Four 1:8 wheels:  D148mm

7. Maximum driving speed:  200cm/s

8. Dimension of the base:  400*390*105mm

9. Net.weight of the base:  4.3kg

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Any updates on this?
Take a look at http://www.geology.smu.edu/~dpa-www/robo/jbot/jbot.html, might provide a few ideas for this product.