Let's Make Robots!


I recently opened a thread in the "Electronics" section as Bluetooth dongle comms which generated some good responses.

Then I opened up a robot project which I had to delete ( I'm also one of those people who do things before I have read the rules :>{ ) so this is where it is going to be documented.

I have now installed Eagle, figured out (again) how to connect components together (I was not selecting "Nets").

The next issue was that the initial design had 32 opto-isolators in it which along with the 40 pin PIC, 2 voltage regulators, a crystal+caps, 2 fuzes, 32 resistors, a USB connector and a cartload of connector pins, would not fit into the space allowed for the board on the free edition.

A big tip: Do NOT under any circumstances try using any of the cracks available on the net!!! Beside being unethical, you wind up with corrupted files - ALL OF THEM!! I did it a couple of years ago and could not undo the install. Had to format the drive beforeEagle would work again. (That taught me!!!)

Anyway, I have now removed all the opto-isolators and now all the components (so far) fit quite comfortably on the restricted board area allowed.

Now I am busy auto-routing it (single sided) and figuring out where I need to add extra links to get it to work.

After that, I need to place a voltage converter (something like the RS232 to PIC chip but for USB to PIC voltages) between the USB plug and the PIC. I have placed the components so that there should be enough room for at least 1 chip and some resistors/caps/whatever will be needed.

I'll worry about that later

In the meantime, as soon as it is done, I'll upload the schematic and board so that the people who know more than what I do can have a good smile at my attempt and hopefully point out where I am going wrong/being stupid/forgetting about basic electronic laws etc.

If anyone has a look at my profile, they will see that I am a self-confessed "electronic idiot" so there are bound to be a whole bunch of "issues" - Please Help Me!!

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Here: http://www.xs4all.nl/~dicks/avr/usbtiny/ is an very simple implemenation of USB in software. By adapting the schematic you could possibly have the dongle working.