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Solar Centipede

Solar centipede

I´m at the moment working on this centipede.
My plan is to putt a solar cell on it´s back and let it walk around and enjoy the summer.


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a ton of metal is hard to move by sunlight, have fun ;)
go here to for more detail Gakken Mechamo Centipede
I can not tell from the photos if it is aluminium or steel but I suspect it is reasonably heavy. Might need big soloar panels or a battery to store the charge from a few days.
Love it! Is mechanical part custom made or hacked from somewhere?
I saw this when I was designing my caterpillar. http://www.electronickits.com/robot/Mechamo%20Centipede.htm
Also see Crabfu's steam powered one ;)

By the looks of the picture he is very impressive. I'm also interested in seing it from a different angle.

Looking forward to more. 

Another walking/crawling robot! Can't wait to see it move!

Maybe you have other pictures, to see his size for example?

That thing looks pretty amazing. Menacing even. I am lots wanting of Moving Pictures! Vids!