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Navigate around via ultrasound

This is a quick and dirty update, mostly copied from my website  http://www.obscurereality.org/?page_id=19

I'm redoing it from the ground up. 


B1-66ER is my first robot from scratch, and a massive learning experience. This page will document it’s progress from it’s current prototype state to completion.

Coming up with what I want it to do has been a challenge itself. The very basics are a no-brainer, obstacle avoidance and interaction. But what interaction? I’ve got a few ideas.. maybe a ‘pet’ of sorts. I’ll improve this page when I’ve got a better grasp on everything.

Now that it’s moving on it’s own, I’ll be adding more modes to it. Sentry and Light Seeking come to mind. Not sure what else though.


  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Personal interaction of some kind
  • Self sufficient via solar power/charging station (solar will be easier I think)


  • Add bump sensors
  • Give it the ability to choose which direction is best based on it’s surroundings
  • Build a Shield to get rid of the breadboard once prototyping is done
  • Headlights – Turn on/off depending on ambient light (Almost done)
  • Ability to ‘look’ around. At the moment the Ping))) is stationary. Maybe I’ll add some IR range finders
  • Clean up the sketch, and comment the crap out of it.
  • Think of more advanced things for it to do.
  • Give it modes. Will be chosen via toggle switches. Roving mode done.

Parts(so far):

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No information?

Not yet.. I was pretty busy when I added it ;)

I'll fill in out more soon, in the meantime, there's more info on it here: http://www.obscurereality.org/