Let's Make Robots!

My abstinence has payed off... time for a drink!

Well it wasn't absolutely horrible, but it wasn't super easy either, but I've saved up the £55 ($107) for my first order from tech supplies. Basically it's a 28X1 starter pack, SRF05, breadboard and a whole bunch bits and bobs.

I suppose there will be lots to do when it arives but I'm trying to think of fun things to do before I save up for the servos and gear motors. I salvaged plenty of LED, some solenoids, switches and a few motors from a dead HiFi so maybe I can make something that will use the range detector and wiggle and flash (oo oer).

I was thinking of trying to do some experiments with differnent size targets with the SRF05 to see how the readings match up with reality. I'm sure I'll come up with something! Watch this space.

My hands are itchy. Why isn't it on my door step yet?

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Cool :)

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