Let's Make Robots!

more pics of my robot

Just a bunch of pics for my project OPUSfront.jpg

Interior, minus the speakjet. You can see my add-on H-bridge, as I burned out the A/B contacts when I was trying my first robot project. You can also see the bottom of my home-made Picaxe board and it's download jack.


I had to solder and re-solder the LDR components many times before I got it right. And yes, I'm using a hanger for my helping hands. Please note the book in the background.


The download port for the IR Tracker.serial.jpg
The switches for the front bumper. I had initally tried a home-made deal with springs, but this worked much better.


The button


Arm close-up.


My workspace.


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What are you using to make the body panels out of?

It looks like its easy to cut and shape, & I can't quite make out your book title from the picture, a tongue-in-cheek reference perhaps? or is it just holding your DIY helping hands :)

the body's made out of Expanded PVC aka Sintra, which is pretty easy to work with. easy to cut, shape, and glue.  the book is Robot Builder's Bonanza, which is a nod to the Subsumption Arcitecture discussion in the forums.
That is humorous I saw it and was thinking.. i know what that is!

Good choice for body material! At least you didn't use flattened sheets of the polybarf plastic.

It seems that the polybarf enthusiasts have taken the old adage to heart," For a man with a hammer, all problems look like nails!" 


Which poly are you talking about?

Polyvinylchloride, polymorph, polyethelene?

All of these are fantastic body-making tools and really help in the development of ideas. I for one, don't have access to a metal shop, and so the ready availability of these products means that I can get involved more easily, and at cheaper cost too.

Where have you been for the last 6 weeks?

There have ben a number of projects using the polybarf, oops, polysmurf plastic.

I think it's a great plastic for prototyping!

At least I know what not to get you for xmas!

love the wireing going on the outside, gives it that scifi futuristic look..

Great work area as well, a beer always helps improve the shot(for those of age of course)!  :D