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Would anyone be interested in an XMOS challenge?

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The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available:


It is VITAL that XK-1 users use this release or above as the XK1 is not supported in previous versions.

 As for anyone else - you will probably appreciate some of the cool new features:




XMOS challenge winners are now available!


Hi everyone!

I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in participating in a challenge to make something AWESOME with a new breed of processor which is particularly great for DSP/networking/USB/motor control type applications or more basic things if that is overkill for what you want.

XMOS event driven processors allow you to execute code in parallel which could open up a number of possibilities to evolve your robots "brain" to the next level!

I have some development kits to give away potentially, but before I give away all the details, I just wanted to see if there was any interest before I add to the challenges area or such.

People have made some cool stuff with our tech before (See videos).


Some details of the processor itself which will be on the dev kit (to be released soon):


- Single core device (Although we do have quad core versions - ask me)

- 400 MIPS per core.

- 8 Threads per core.

- 64Kb RAM

- 8KBytes OTP memory for applications, boot code or security keys, with security mode

- 64 user I/O pins

- Support for high performance DSP (32 x 32 → 64bit MAC) and cryptographic functions

- Time aware ports provide up to 10ns timing resolution

- Designs implemented using a software-based design flow (can program in C or XC - very similar to C but with support for extras such as parallel execution)

- Scalable - can connect many kits together for crazy amounts of processing power using Xlinks.


For detailed spec see: http://www.xmos.com/products/xs1-l-family/l1lq128


EDIT: As there has been some interest shown and to save time later - please post below with the following info if you would like to be considered:

1) Project Title

2) Project Description

3) How many Dev Kits you think it may require (eg you may need 2 if you are demonstrating the ability of one robot using image recognition to track another for example)

4) Are you willing to keep a video/photo diary of your progress if we choose you? Please state which/both.


If anyone is interested please feel free to post below with your project ideas (and subscribe to this forum topic for updates so I can contact you nearer the release date) so I can see if there is enough interest. I hope I have posted this in the right place, if not please feel free to move this to the right part of the forum!

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No worries! We all lead busy lives so easy mistake to make, and to be fair, if I was new to this as well, I probably would have thought the same thing!
when is this dev kit ment to come out(be on sale)?

I believe the new dev kit will possibly be released over the next month or so. I will be in contact with everyone again once I have them in my hands to send to you all.

Do you have deadline in which you need it by if you are to participate? I would be interested to know.

We may end up giving different boards to different people depending on their project type as they might be more suited to that. 


I would be interested in one if they arent too pricey. I don't have a project in mind bu tI would like to make some tutorials on how to hook it all up and do some basic operations to others can learn how to use it. I want to do the same projects on 3 or 4 different PICs so people can do a side by side comparison and determine which is best for their needs/skills.

This is great! I would be most interested for some feedback as to how we compare with your more traditional routes of development, and get some feedback too.

If you were looking to buy XMOS products, feel free to check out our website www.xmos.com

However, for the purposes of this XMOS challenge, we will be giving some kits away for free to the most deserving projects (exact number and type of kits TBC)

Hope that helps.



i had a look at ur site and some of the chips sound pretty cool ,but i cant realy tell what they are and if the can be used to control servo motors, but i must say they seem pretty cheap for what they can do.
Our chips can very easily be made to control servo motors. In fact one of the robots in the video uses servo control. I am glad you are impressed with the price!
are your chips surface mount or just normal? can you get a board to put them on etc?

Well this is why we have a small range of dev boards so the chips are pre mounted with their I/O exposed for you to do what you want. The chips themselves (depending which one you are referring to) comes in following formats:






does xmos have any motor driver boards?