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Would anyone be interested in an XMOS challenge?

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The 9.9 version of the XMOS Development Tools is now available:


It is VITAL that XK-1 users use this release or above as the XK1 is not supported in previous versions.

 As for anyone else - you will probably appreciate some of the cool new features:




XMOS challenge winners are now available!


Hi everyone!

I was curious to know if anyone would be interested in participating in a challenge to make something AWESOME with a new breed of processor which is particularly great for DSP/networking/USB/motor control type applications or more basic things if that is overkill for what you want.

XMOS event driven processors allow you to execute code in parallel which could open up a number of possibilities to evolve your robots "brain" to the next level!

I have some development kits to give away potentially, but before I give away all the details, I just wanted to see if there was any interest before I add to the challenges area or such.

People have made some cool stuff with our tech before (See videos).


Some details of the processor itself which will be on the dev kit (to be released soon):


- Single core device (Although we do have quad core versions - ask me)

- 400 MIPS per core.

- 8 Threads per core.

- 64Kb RAM

- 8KBytes OTP memory for applications, boot code or security keys, with security mode

- 64 user I/O pins

- Support for high performance DSP (32 x 32 → 64bit MAC) and cryptographic functions

- Time aware ports provide up to 10ns timing resolution

- Designs implemented using a software-based design flow (can program in C or XC - very similar to C but with support for extras such as parallel execution)

- Scalable - can connect many kits together for crazy amounts of processing power using Xlinks.


For detailed spec see: http://www.xmos.com/products/xs1-l-family/l1lq128


EDIT: As there has been some interest shown and to save time later - please post below with the following info if you would like to be considered:

1) Project Title

2) Project Description

3) How many Dev Kits you think it may require (eg you may need 2 if you are demonstrating the ability of one robot using image recognition to track another for example)

4) Are you willing to keep a video/photo diary of your progress if we choose you? Please state which/both.


If anyone is interested please feel free to post below with your project ideas (and subscribe to this forum topic for updates so I can contact you nearer the release date) so I can see if there is enough interest. I hope I have posted this in the right place, if not please feel free to move this to the right part of the forum!

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We are considering potentially releasing some board designs that have this type of basic functionality which if people are interested can get made up very cheaply with 3rd party companies.

In fact I am sure you could start a whole business just making boards for XMOS processors that are targeted towards specific things! However, we ourselves are not a board company, we are more of a chip company, our development boards are there so people can try out our processors quickly and easily. You can connect whatever you want to them assuming you have a basic knowledge of electronics etc and happy to get out the old soldering iron! 
cool thanks and i can solder , but if its surface mount you cant solder it to normal prototypeing board can you?
OK, sorry I mis-understood the question.

This is why we are giving away dev boards, so you don't need to, all the IO is exposed which you can solder to easily. Therefore you should just be able to connect whatever hardware to it (along with any electronics to drive those components - clearly you are not going to be running any motors from the pins of a chip!) and then write your program in C/XC on our processor and get data from the IO, do something with it, and put it back out again or whatever it is you want to do.

 I believe with our new L1 chip it is possible to do a bit of hand soldering if you are amazingly 1337 with a soldering iron as they have pins that stick out on the sides. I have seen people in the office do it.

oh  what i meant is , if we like the dev kit then wanted to buy just some of the chips to play around with thenm it makes it hard for the general hobbyist to use ur products

The general hobbyist probably doesn`t need the capabilities these chips offer, but if you really did need 4 cores and 32 threads then you probably also have the capability to make PCBs at home.

Even if you can`t make PCBs, you can get break out boards from the likes of sparkfun or futurlec and solder the TQFP package chips on (although I have been searching for the right pin count boards and cant find them).

Indeed, if you want to use the raw chips themselves and design your own boards for something highly specific, this is most certainly do-able, and there are plenty of companies that can do this for you quite cheaply (especially if you are ordering say 3 -4 boards, the price comes down dramatically) - we have had a few members of our own community do this already! If you want to know more about this, as this is not my specialist area, ask on our community site Xlinkers.org  in the forums as this problem has been solved there already! Hope that helps!


Looking forward to those new dev boards :)

Well feel free to have a roam around the tutorials for programming in XC etc so you can utilise them to full potential when we have got them to give out! Stay tuned!

Sorry for the slight delay, but we want to make them really usable for these type of projects, so a few mods being made. I will make an announcement of some shape of form when they are ready and the projects chosen!

sorry i sound pushy dont i? it just  i like what the chip has to offer ,other chips with these abilities cost hundreds .

You do not sound pushy at all!

Feel free to ask questions and such. I am glad you realise the value of the chips we offer.

If you have any really in depth questions etc feel free to ask them on Xlinkers.org as there are many people far more experienced than me on there in such matters who can answer your concerns, as I am from a more Computer Science background as opposed to Electronic Engineering or CSE.