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Jeep Mr Basic

Line following and obstacle avoidance

It has been hard, but I finished the main parts of my candidate for LMR Mr Basic contest just in time.

As this is my first robot, the general idea was building something based on fritsl's "Start here project". But with some addings and trying to use recycled parts whenever I can. The "decorative" part was made by a team formed by my 6 year old son and me.

Building process:

The first step once I got my Mr Basic chassis, was the motor driver using guibot's design (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/2074):

L293D Motor Driver

Then I fixed a plastic box  (got from a curtain's package and its size was perfect!) to hold the 9V battery and Arduino duemilanove:

Arduino mounted on Mr Basic

Then I transformed my corn flakes box into a Jeep cover, Servo included.



The next step was mounting the Sharp IR sensor and connect all the wires:  


And finally I added the LMR flag:


Pending Tasks:

  • Add inteligence to "the beast".
  • Record and post Video.
  • Connect line following sensors.

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Ok, I decided to follow mintvelts suggestion and give 5 stars for my Nr. 1, 4 stars for Nr.2 and so one, to give a clearer result for this contest. 

This is the ungrateful fourth place in my ranking. But a very succesful start for a beginner robot. Video is a must for a contest like this.

Hi mif, I really like the look of your bot,

I'll give it a 4 star rating in real life from what i've seen.

However I'm going to give it a 2 as a comp entry as there is no video of it's capabilities :(

Not trying to be a prick, just trying to be fair. 

Keep up the great work though, I look forward to seeing it in action. 

I think you have done a great job for a first Bot. Video though is critical, especially in a competition as it lets us see how well your code and electronics work together.


I know, my intention was showing my job in time. I will post the video later, I am veeeery short of time for my robots. One month is too short for me, but I wanted to participate.

i agree wth rik and frits.

Bonus star for the flag. Waiting for the video. 

I award 5 stars for the brave step of entering - However a video of it in action would be a cool.

The body work is "super" and changes the whole feel of the original chassis - can i say it reminds me of "Postman pats" post truck - an old animation series i erhmmmm watched with my son.postman_pat.jpg

Thank you!!

 Your suspension system is also great!

Two stars so far.
Love the body on that thing. very creative!
Let's see some video :)