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First Robot, Rover.... and stuff my uncle sent me

Navigate around via Ultrasound

I just bought a Ping sensor in radioshack for my arduino thats coming and when i got home i got a box from my uncle... He used to work for northwest airlines fixing computers and engines and has taught me alot so he sent me some of his aircraft electronics.. It included some metal transistors of all types, glass diodes, high precision resistors from vishay with tolerance from .001% and disk caps, photocells, mylar caps (i think), and caps i have never seen before. They say 30uf and -10v... never seen negative caps before... 

Enough of what i got.. im starting with arduino on a bot that can just roll around and detect and avoid objects... im getting my arduino and some motors this weekend and have my magic materials... Paint stirir, piano wire, and foam tape =)


 I just dont know how to include all this stuff i got... anyone got any ideas? 


Will keep updating on when i get more parts and progress 

Note: The Transistors are 2SB75 wich are germanium transistors... i wonder if these are good for a radio or something.... Update: Just got my


Update: Just got my grades back from School. All A's - So my mom gave me her credit card and let me order my next part to my robot.. The low voltage motor controller. The tamiya caster, gearbox, and tire set, a servo to mount my ping , and a pololu chasis. This was all bought from pololu and now comes the hard part the little bit of wiring (not so hard) and the coding (very intensely hard)

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How about an update. Did you use these parts to make a robot?

Im saying though that you then have to turn it into a input to read, and a output to emit pulse.

Its perfectly fine. I think its even better because it used one i/o pin that is input and output. So far the program i wrote turns the servo and is able to get measurements from the ping.. Can you give me an example where the ping might not work?




Problem with the ping sensor is that you give the signal to pulse with the same pin that you recieve the data! Can be troublesome.
Up in the Cow States

BOA what are the toilet paper rolls for? and if you live in the northwest you probably would know him... But seriously what are the tubes for?



Toilet rolls can be used for a multitude of things. Ref: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/714.

Northwest of where?

Hey and thanks.... I love my uncle he happens to be my idol because he knows about the three things i love, airplanes, engines, and electronics.... and yes i have ordered an diecimila.... i hope my arduino holds up to what it is supposed to be... I am good with electronics and my brother programs in C/C++ so i think i am covered if i need help... but who knows... It should be coming today. 


And Zack i would love to tell you how arduino is... from my standing right now i see it being harder to code but more stuff can be accomplished with higher complexity of code... but i dont know so im going to wait out on telling you how it is...



Do I know your uncle?

PS - dude, get yourself some TOILET PAPER ROLLS... They are the way forward. 

I would love an uncle like yours ^^

be jealous of those hyper precise resistor... they use to be expensive and you will probably not need them for a entry-level robot!

what kind of Arduino did you order? Diecimila? Let us know how it works... I'm going to order one soon :)