Let's Make Robots!

OddBot Video Competition - "zezinho meets el sapatero"

here's my video  :-)

must take some sleep now  :-)


The robots I used:

Zezinho: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8257 

el sapatero: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8628


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Wow. Now I feel like River Dancing!
Zenzinho definitly counts as a wooden robot and el sapatero is half carboard so close enough. The video was very good, I liked the music and the effort you put into syncronization with the music. You had more than 24Hrs to spare since I will allow that much for different time zones.
Thanks OddBot.. oh and don't forget the acrylic pcb  :-)
From a purely robotic point of view, the acrylic PCB is very cool. From the competition point of view it is bad, your paperduino would score better but don't worry,  I was impressed. As Rik pointed out, this competition has really brought out some great projects :)

Yes, you are right, you mention paper, card, wood.. and I thought, well.. why not give a try on acrylic??!!     lol