Let's Make Robots!

OddBot Video Competition - "zezinho meets el sapatero"

here's my video  :-)

must take some sleep now  :-)


The robots I used:

Zezinho: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8257 

el sapatero: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/8628


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:D I need words!!

Need words!

That's glorious.

Now I know what the cardshoe-bot is all about...

Again! This competition produced some the most awesome projects on LMR. And the most surprising. I think this competition earns five stars. And does this video.

Thank you all! I have a great time doing this video and am so glad you like it  :-)

Thank you again OddBot for this great opportunity  ;-)

What a great idea,  robots going head to head in a musical performance. 

Highly entertaining piece of work. I'm glad you got the music on there, it is well chosen/scripted, & should I also say acted :D


What an awesome performance Guibot! That one is probably the best I've seen here. Bravo! If I could, I'd give you 5 stars. Can anyone top this one?

When the competition is over it would be great if you could fill us in on what video software you are using... I for one know very little about producing video. I certainly could use some tips. :)

Thank you dridbuilder!!  :)

I'm using Adobe Premiere, but this is just pure video editing, so any video editing program can do it  :)

Fantastic! I love the part about 0:53 where zezinho whips out some crazy dance moves.

I hadn`t seen this until Oddbot judged them all. Congratulations Guibot!

Thanks ezekiel!!  :-)