Let's Make Robots!

Brain Control

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When a robot (in the narrow sense of the word) must be a reprogrammable machine that interacts autonomously with its environment, then the only difference between a definition of me and that of a robot is in the word machine.

That would only fuel a debate on the semantics (of the word machine). Which has no place in a philosophic pondering.

I am interacting with my environment. I (like to think that I) am reprogrammable. Dito on the autonomy. A mind controlled wheel chair would be an extra actuator to the robot called Rik. So, if we are to keep the word robot in our vocabulary and still make it meaningful, we must come up with a defining difference between a robot and a human.

Origin would be one candidate. I am not created by humans, or am I?
Servitude would be another. I serve only myself. Right?