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Building Circuit Diagram Software

I have seen quite a few folks on here replying to others with circuit diagrams. My question is what software does everyone use/prefer? I know some use Photoshop or Illustrator. Anything else anyone would reccomend?


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I recommend you use LTSpice (its free) as it is fairly easy to use and is a great tool for simulating circuits!

I also recommend DipTrace, easy to use and can be used to generate PCB footprints and it creates gerber files for PCB production in the end, which is important.  It is fairly easy to export to a jpeg image (I think its jpeg).

I looked at Fritzing when it first came out back in 2007. At that time it was still very primitive, but there has been some major improvements in the later versions.

It is still has a rather limited library, but the component builder works like a charm, and more compentest should be arriving soon. The component graphics are build using Inkscape and are in svg format. There are some Python script add-ins to make custom DIPs and breadboards. 

I especially like the breadboard function for a quick way to display circuits.

Fritzing still has a long way to go to offer the full functionality of DIPTRACE or EAGLE . but there defintiely is a place for it. 

For any Arduino users, it is definitely  must have. 

For PICAXE users, a little effort with the component editor and Inkscape will pay off big time.


Just downloaded Diptrace and read through part of tutorial. Looks good to me, I think it is going to satisfy my needs so far :D
In the past I have used Corel but it's fatal flaw is that the files are not compatable with any other PCB software. This was fine when I just made one offs using the iron on transfer process. I have to larn other software to be compatable with the rest of the world so I've downloaded Fritzing as a good place to start :-)

I love the parts editor! haha does me no good, but still! You can custom make all the resistors you normally use so you don't gotta edit every resistor you put in.

And yeah, that Adafruit picture is from the "Breadboard" look, they have a full breadboard you can add, all the pins are point-to-point (I guess?) lol click one pin on the board and click another and it makes the full connection with the other 4 pins in the row.

 And of course! Cause I'm totally "Fritzing" out, man!


I'm a complete newb, lol I found Fritzing the easiest to use. Includes ability to export to PDF, Eagle, JPG, and PNG, and Post Script (lol not sure what that one is)

But like I said, really basic interface, drag and drop componets, you can change values, voltages and whatnot, site even has a custom componet maker!


 Just a few few componets from the "Schematic" view point. There's also "Breadboard" and "PCB"(I believe same look as Eagle?)views.


Fritzing was what I was trying to think of for this post, interesting stuff but hadn't tried yet. Here's an example of the color drawings it can do, on Adafruit. Now that you've mentioned it, will have to try it, seems pretty fun.
Everybody should use Fritzing. Just because of the name. 

Although Corel Draw is not designed for schematics it can be set up to do it well. I designed my own components and set it up so that they snap together neatly to speed up the drawing process.


I've been meaning to ask you how you come up with such good drawings so quickly.