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Building Circuit Diagram Software

I have seen quite a few folks on here replying to others with circuit diagrams. My question is what software does everyone use/prefer? I know some use Photoshop or Illustrator. Anything else anyone would reccomend?


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Express SCH. You get it with Express PCB. Free


They do not let use any other manufacturing service or make PCBs yourself!

I use EAGLE, Fritzing, and gEDA.

but caclulon prefers photoshop.
Thanks guys. I'll play around with a few of these.
For quickie drawings, Dia works pretty well too.
I use omnigraffle pro, which is more or less like MS visio, but its not ideal. I started on diptrace, but I haven't tried to export nice pics from that one. Also I have to start a virtual windows machine on my Mac to use diptrace so for now I stick with omnigraffle.
I've used both eagle and diptrace to make mine.