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Parallax PING))) Ultrasonic Sensor #28015

Vendor's Description: 

This easy-to-use distance sensor from Parallax employs sonar to detect objects from approximately 0.75 – 120 inches (2 cm – 3 meters). The Ping distance sensor has status LEDs and requires only one I/O pin. The on-board three-pin header makes the PING))) compatible with a solderless breadboard.

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it sucks dude! it broke right when i needed it the most! send it to the big junk box in the sky asap!
you sure it wasn't user error?
mine has been flawless and very accurate. more so than the srf5 I also have.
Usually when something works and then doesnt and then works, it is because of a short, weak batteries, etc. The sensor likely works fine but it isnt installed correctly, code is wrong or the batteries are weak. What have you tried to get it to work? Have a pic of the circuit and post code?

how did it break?

If you can describe the casualty to me I can walk you through the repair.. I think that is the part about being a Engineer I like, "Nothing goes to the junk box in the sky, I get to keep and reuse it all!" moy-AH-AH-AH! <-mad scientist jargon

If it's a componant it can be replaced if its a pin or circuit trace a few wholes drilled and a jumper wire soldered in place.

 if you just like trhowing money away be my guest or mail it to somebody who will fix it make a friend or be a soldier, buck up and fix it! 

 I think the pir and ping are both great for guys just starting out but personaly go with using componants and etching my own sensors now days. photo diode and IR led and a few timing circuits is all you really need and I think it's well documented here on LMR. Either way Good luck. 


THE PROBLEM IS THAT IT GIVES LITTLE TO NO READING. i have hooked it to a servo port, and it worked, the direction even says that is a possibility. I use a 3 pin servo-like cable.
We have a lot of people here who have used this without a problem. Either you have a defective one are it isnt being used correctly. I wouldn't say the product as a whole is defective if others are having no problems with it. You may have one with a problem but the component works fine expecially given its cost.

sounds like loose or bad conection, either the pin sockets are bent loose on the ping side of the blug or the wire guage is to small on the stamp breadboard side but first double check the code section by comparing it to the example code offered by parallax, then if its not the code. 

option 1 using a larger guage "copper" wire to assure good bread board connection  and solder the wires directly to the pins on the ping.

option 2 buy a new "parallax" 3pin servo cable.<-Errrr I hate saying that

if none of these fix it and it did work before, it probably either has a bad componant caused by reverse polerization ,over voltage or has a bad solder on the board <-check that.


Vss is ground

Vdd is regulated 5V

Vin is the 9V supply battery

and that leave you at option 3, fix it or buy a new one..


and it phailed. the prob. is the sensor... do I get a new one? or try to repair mine?

probably best to replace it, without knowing the exact part number for just the sensor. I noticed a couple of users in the parallax forum have parts to sell so you might get it from one of them at surplus price or just pay for the quality testing direct from the manufacture is better.

 this time around it would pay to double-tripple check everything before applying batteries to the project too.