Let's Make Robots!

Love-voting is fashionable as well!

I am very sorry if anyone was hurt by my bad karma!

However, it helped ;)

Weekend is closing in, and we are starting to see who should win this competition.

Needless to say that everyone participating is very cool, and have contributed to the enjoyment of all of us. Seriously. Thanks for the laughs and good times following your work!

And I truly hope that everyone have had fun building, and documenting.. and that the competition and the evil in "only 3 winners" is actually in the background of the whole experience :)

It truly is some extremely amazing creatures (and videos) that have come out of the rather simple base!!! I NEVER thought that this much energy would be put into the project, it is awsome!

Everyone participating are very talented people!

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Comming to think about it; Voting "against" each other was a crap idea. Let's never do that again.

Next time, let's have the vendor decide who should win, if there should even be a competition, nd not just a random draw or somehing.

Some people have said it before, that the voting was a crap thing for LMR-spirit.. and I see now that they where right; It's not what we are about, it's not what this is about.

We wanna share and have fun. Help and develop together.

Let the best entry win this one, but after that fuck competitions like this :)

I have learned something!