Let's Make Robots!

Japanese geisha robots!

The latest humanoid robots from the land of the rising sun. God help us..


On a side note, I want to see this movie.

Edit: Warning! Danger to young minds! Fake blood and stupidity abounds!

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I found it touching....

New meaning to "Stay away from the fried shrimp"

Deserves an academy award.

What did they do? strap the director in a chair and make him watch hollywood action movies 24/7 until near death then set him loose in a studio once he recovered? :P
Twelve stars, love it! XD
At least this explains the supervisor in my lab...
She doesn`t have swords coming out of her hips I hope?
Possibly she does. Of course, I'm a model employee so far, and I've escaped any potential vengance-wreaking.