Let's Make Robots!

German tiger tank

track arond, avoid obsticles, fires 6mm BB bullets, auto magic totaly

bought this rc tank but i have turned it totaly automagic.

i will upload pics and vids but for now im looking for my camrecorder

it was rc but now i have replaced most of it with programable stuff

the ir sensor is mounted very hidden from a naked eye

the idler wheel keeps falling of and it is realy hard to remount

These 2 first videos are not mine there just videos of it being Remote controlled and are not the fineshed product

next vid is mine but soz its crappy defonition


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Did anyone see that vid on reddit of them pulling an old tiger out of some lake in Europe? There was a petition to release it to a public museum but I dunno whatever happen with that. It used to be hosted on this petition site but I can't seem to find it, it had like 20k signatures too...maybe they deleted it or something.

Very nice. You've convinced me -- my next robot has to be able to shoot stuff.


Yes.. I think shooting something (or somebody) with something (or somebody?) is a hit too!

real smoke out the back end of the robot,

yeah - that happened to mine too, but it was not intentional



and its bigger then a regular size laptop

thats just a pic of it un modified

So what are the "brains" inside the tank?  PIC? Arduino?



its not windows xp it self i program it using xp

well it has different sensors 1at front another at bottom to see when its on the floor then it starts up also to see if its gonna fall of tabble ect

i dno how it fires the bbs cause im still trying to find out how they work i think its like a pressuar buildup


I do that sometimes.