Let's Make Robots!

Zezinho, the poser - interactive installation

This is the final result of the first stage of this project. An installation where zezinho calls for visitors and when a visitor reachs the mixing controllers he waits for new poses.








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there seems to be a sonar sensor in the control box, mind if I ask what is it for?

Sure, the sonar is to detect human presence.

If no human is detected the robot will play random poses on a random interval time. If a visitor is detected in a distance of one meter the robot will play wide and fast movements and the lights on the mixer will blink, when the visitor is closer the robot will move slower and when the person is very close to the mixer the robot stops and waits for new poses.

I hope to have time to record a new video showing this interactivity.

I love the interactive display. with such a big case it would have been fantastic to have 4 robots and a control panel on each side.

Well done!

What was the event?


or do you always have random visitors in your house?

The event was a collection of projects of this course: http://osomdopensamento.wordpress.com/

It is all in portuguese  :)