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Movie Editor Recomendations

I have a video recorder that does HD, but the software that comes with it will edit th emovie and change the resolution to 640x480 instead of the original resolution of 1280x720. Anyone have a recomendation for a video editor that is free or fairly cheap that will edit HD vids without changing the resolution and if possible also allow the video to be cropped so it will only show the robot and not everything around it if the video is farther away.

 Windows Movie Editor changes the resolution so that isn't an option. The video editor needs to work in XP or ubuntu.



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I use Kino in Ubuntu. Can't make any promises about maintaining a high resolution though as I don't have an HD camera.

There's also Cinelerra, a fairly robust (though semi buggy and very finicky)  editor.

Check out Medibuntu for some more multimedia info and repos.