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Automatic Trashcan

Opens up lid once you get near it.
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My mom really looked up to my electronic Wiz and said: Build me an automatic trash can.  So I started planning. You can also build this as i show you how to cause if you go out and buy a ready made one. they can be up to $80. So, I'll make one my self.


This is our trash can. And it's going to get a Makeover.


I still have to order these parts but here is the list of all of them. You can view it below or download and print it out and use it as a check list above. :)



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awesome, love it....video????  :D
I'd love to add a video but I haven't started. :p
that was a bit of lmr humor...
by the way dont run it at 9v unless you have a power regulator. 5v is good.

dude, great idea! This is where LMR moves into the practical side of things! 

ps: love your icon! need to find me a hamburger robot or something 

I can take a picture of the dent in my car from someone backing into me...  :D

Nice idea! I can`t count the number of times I need to chuck something in the bin but don`t want to get up. Maybe if I made a bin that came to me when called...

That's a great idea but I feel voice recognition is beyond my reach.

triggering by clapping? or shouting?

clap, or shout, and the bin rolls forward maybe half a metre,  opens, pauses for 5 sec, then closes and rolls back?

I couldn't find much online about interfacing a picaxe with a sound-activated circuit, but I'm sure it's possible if you used an appropriate filter.

something like http://www.craigsrobotics.com/vaswitch.htm?


I like this idea. Whistle to open it. Plus it`s 1 more function that seperates it from a foot operated bin.

This pdf is on the picaxe site but it should work for any micro.