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Automatic Trashcan

Opens up lid once you get near it.
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My mom really looked up to my electronic Wiz and said: Build me an automatic trash can.  So I started planning. You can also build this as i show you how to cause if you go out and buy a ready made one. they can be up to $80. So, I'll make one my self.


This is our trash can. And it's going to get a Makeover.


I still have to order these parts but here is the list of all of them. You can view it below or download and print it out and use it as a check list above. :)



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Im gonna build one of these for our dog-sitter.....(our dog acts like a human)........Wouldnt it be cheaper if i used a high torque servo, an ultrasonic sensor, and a basic stamp? Or you could replace the ultrasonic sensor with a cheap bump switch.....plus, i have more programming experience with a basic stamp (which is very little) just a suggestion....

Good ideas! I like the PICAXE cause it's cheap and it's easy to program. I can't understand how to program the BASIC stamp.

Why not add a switch, a battery, and a servo? Forget the complications of programing........

Nice idea! I can`t count the number of times I need to chuck something in the bin but don`t want to get up. Maybe if I made a bin that came to me when called...

That's a great idea but I feel voice recognition is beyond my reach.

triggering by clapping? or shouting?

clap, or shout, and the bin rolls forward maybe half a metre,  opens, pauses for 5 sec, then closes and rolls back?

I couldn't find much online about interfacing a picaxe with a sound-activated circuit, but I'm sure it's possible if you used an appropriate filter.

something like http://www.craigsrobotics.com/vaswitch.htm?


I like this idea. Whistle to open it. Plus it`s 1 more function that seperates it from a foot operated bin.

This pdf is on the picaxe site but it should work for any micro.

dude, great idea! This is where LMR moves into the practical side of things! 

ps: love your icon! need to find me a hamburger robot or something 

I can take a picture of the dent in my car from someone backing into me...  :D