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x2's... Check your pins!

Alas, I have found a flaw in my nifty custom boards I designed...

It seems that when I drew-up the main board, I used pin c.5 and c.6 for outputs to my motor controller to click the reverse relays on and off. Now that I am getting farther and farther into getting my 2 brains to talk to each other, I find that c.6 turns out to be a sweet-ass dedicated serial com line. It is the hserout/ hserin commands and is an awesome feature of the x2 parts. This is not a huge deal, I just have to scrape off a trace on the back and solder a jumper in but here is the lesson:

The Picaxe x2 parts are awesome but as you work with them, be sure you don't burn a bridge by using a "featured" pin inadvertantly. 

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the hserout is just amazing, i am using it for my lasertag project. It's some sort of multitasking! You get serial data while working on other things and then you can check the data received whenever you want 
That is why I was so mad when I discovered that I dedicated that pin for other things! It's almost like parallel processing. Incredible baud rates and a "in the background" buffer... Awesome. I swear, before I found this, I had been sending an interrupt signal before each and every serial send to keep my 2 chips sync'ed up.

ha! same for me! My laser tag project has gone down to a single picaxe chip thanks to this marvellous function.  

With all my circuits I try to utilise the dedicated pins first but it isn't alway easy and with a new chip with new features it will always be harder.

I have just recently recieved a 28X2 to try out so I too need to research the X2's new features.