Let's Make Robots!

LMR=Lets Make Movies

Where are the robots?

LMR seems to be drifting away from the orioginal core LMR values.

Movies / videos are a great help in descibing a robot project, but should not the primary goal.

There are many new posts of:

I built a robot,

Here is the video,

End of story. 

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Not so sure exactly what you mean - you seem to answer your question when you detail step #1!

I`d like to see LMR as a place to keep your robot build log. Photos and descriptions of each step, all the setbacks and little triumphs. Reasoning behind why you`re making it the way you are. Goals for the robot etc.

Unfortunately not everyone does this. Be it language barrier, having to borrow a camera, or maybe the robot was already built when they found LMR. Maybe all the information is already on their own blog and they don`t want to have to retype or copy/paste. So we end up with a title picture and a short description. To us on the intar-tubes though, someones robot blog is only as good as its write up, so I can see well documented robot pages being rated highly and getting good comments and advice just because it`s an interesting read. Whereas a robot with little to no information might get a comments like "More info?" "Video please!" etc but eventually people lose interest and forget the robot altogether.

Survival of the fittest? :D

Maybe it's just me but i find making schematics very time consuming. That doesn't mean schematics are not needed, actually in my opinion, they're the most useful thing a robot page could have. The problem (well, my problem actually) is that i don't have a nice and neat software to make them. Using eagle always makes me kind of mad since it takes me lot of time to build one.

So maybe we could gather together a few links of nice schematic makers (freeware is possible) to start with. If we manage to include a schematic for each robot page i think that would be very educational.

What do you think? 

Bloody hell! Sorry about that....i missed out too many things lately because of my school exams

Here is what seams to be a good one. I don't know what all the symbols mean so it might not be. But check it out for yourself.


Hope that it works!

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There are a number of us here on LMR using Diptrace 

Go directly to www.diptrace.com and download the latest version (2.0) 

As has been posted here before ( do a search), you can send an email to support@diptrace.com, mentioning LMR, and you will get a free upgrade to 500 pins.