Let's Make Robots!

How to confuse an idiot

Sorry it's not about robot at all, but it's pretty funny so...



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not bad 
ahahaha! Nice one!
AAAAH THe video is broken!

There's a similar prank i like very much, well not really similar...

Basically, when the owner of the computer is away (i do this to friends usually) you take a "print screen" picture of his desktop and save it as an image with paint (bmp works better). Then you set that image as the pc's wallpaper and hide the shortcuts on the desktop (right click on desktop> arrange icons> and untick show icons).

Friends always come back to me complaining their desktop icons don't work anymore :D 

Mapping function keys to random sounds is fun too. When they press f5 to refresh their browser it makes a random noise and most people dont know how to unmap it. Or pop off a couple keys and swap them out so p types o and vise versa.

The video won't play!!! Link must be broken.

 Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than going to the garage makes you a car --Laurence J. Peter 

oh floyd...


really need that rolling eyes emoticon, no offense floyd :D

half the time i am as confused

dude i was tricked until i started dragging it.. a giveaway

To make it more real you should photoshop the video time length!!! :-D...

 Funny joke!