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this was my first robot. though it was a kit and i didnt have to create chassis myself, it taught me a lot. after finishing the book and the exercises in it i started to experiment with various sensors different from those in the kit.

i wanted to make it for the line following competition. first try was to use photoresistors for following black line on white board, it kinda worked, but was very dependant on ambient light.

i then switched to CNY70 (5 of them in row) for line, 2 IR LEDs and 2 PNA4601M (from BoeBot kit) one pair fwd and one pair left to enable pass obstacle on track from right.motors, wheelsand other parts are from the kit as well.

i just wanted to put this robot here for record, now i am working on the other one, that i am putting together myself.

two videos i attached: one from competition and the other one just playing with the crawler kit at home.

cost to build is sum of the boebot kit, the crawler kit and all the things i needed - sensors, resistors, capacitors, cables, etc. time to build is rough estimate as well :) including the excersises in the book. otherwise it would be less then 100.

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Nice work.


Can you post the code here. At least somebody will benefit from it. 

code is attached to the project, at least i hope it is the right one.

Very good implementation of line following. You should attact a text file with your code so I can look at it. The kit was a good learning expeirence for me. I loved my crawler kit the best.

Alas, I canabalized my BOE-Bot for use in the early stages of my current robot. My wife wants to go through the book and rebuild it herself.

hey, sorry it took me that long, but i backed up my old programs to other computer and hat to find it first. if i remember it right, the file attached should be the one i used for competition. not sure though and i cant try it, because i dont have the boebot any more.

Good implementation of the obstacle avoiding. Looks very smooth and natural for the bot to detour around something.

For your next robot, try taking some photos of the construction as you`re constructing it. It may be a P.I.T.A but LMR readers will appreciate it, and it`s good for posterity.

yeah, i've already taken some pictures while working on the chassis of my new robot. but as to i am not sure about the name yet :) i havent posted it. as soon as i decide, i put images on LMR.
You can always update the page as you go. It has the benefit of pushing it to the front page also so more people will see it.

ok, i created my new project. as to the name i was thinnking about something in japanese :)

can you help me with that, because online dictionaries arent suitable for someone who cant speak the language... i would like the name both sound good and mean something reasonable. how do you spell in latin japanese expression for "the new one"?

thanks a lot, i like that.