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The Valkyrie

Hi all!

So the Beast is dead, buried, gone .... I actually intended to keep it as it was but hey I needed the parts :)

The new machine (Valkyrie) is basically completed and since the keyword for this one is ADJUSTABLE I still have to adjust things :D

Will start soon a new robot page for it ... stay tuned.. 

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Check at a hobby store for your gear puller.

They generally sell them for changing the pinion gears on slot cars and only cost a couple bucks.

Wow that was quick!!! I`m still umming and ahhing over my CNC motor mounts and in that time you`ve finished the 2nd one!

I`ve been trying to bodge up a home made gear puller to get the pinion gears off my motors but those buggers are really stuck on there. I think I just have to go buy one.

Can`t wait to see some pics :)

Just find something Y shaped to go beween the pinion and the motor so you can hold the pinion and something with a smaller diameter than the shaft but strong. Then just whack a few strokes with a hammer against pin against the shaft while holding with the Y shaped thingie the pinion and the pinion should go off.

Not sure if it makes any sense to you though ... don't know/have time to explain better

It does make sense but I need 2 things for that, a Y shape thing and solid thing to hold it against. Everything in my apartment is either sitting on the floor or made of flimsy wood.

Might be possible to use a kitchen fork, to get behind the gear, then use an ice pick or nail to center on the motor shaft, to drive it while the fork holds the gear. Placing the fork on the edge of a concrete floor or step with the motor hanging off the edge.

Might be a bit rough on the fork.

Some RC hobby stores have gear pullers for the RC cars.  Here's a couple, made by GWS.

a two pairs of long nosed-pliers - and a block to fulcrum them against each other, and try to lever the gear off?


good luck finding  a "gear purrer" in japan, but if you DO, please let me know!

Otherwise it's back to online purchases, and expensive shipping and exchange rate-conversion fees.. grr.

Theres a hardware chain store called Komeri in Shikoku which I use. I don`t know if you have it up your way. I go there and just wander around some days imagining what I need for the next bot hehe. They probably think I`m some thieving foreigner. I think I recall seeing one there, but if I did it was a big bugger. I bet it`s about ¥3000 too.