Let's Make Robots!


I have a secret idea....all i want to know is how i could transfer the codes off a remote onto an arduino? like a tv remote. I know they us pulses of light but how? 


EDIT!: I was chatting at LME go to the site! letsmakeelectronics.com i think......anyway i figured out how to do it and will post it on LME as soon as i get it made!

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I don't think it's so much "Correcting people" as it is pointing people to stuff that's already been discussed.. I was guilty of it too, was trying to get more help than research.


And maybe I speak for myself, but when I read your post, just like.. uh, computer researcher, and there's one more.. can't remember his name.. but every message I've read, I looked for an ignore button.

"pfftt fighting hahaha" blah blah..  And you wonder why people are uptight. Hell, I come here for alot of the people, they LOVE what they're doing.. just seeing alot of the conversations that people have, you can tell it's more than just a site, it's a community! Putting alot of their time towards helping people.. and sharing their experience with others,  then you have people come in and just rant.. looking for attention! (hey, I don't count :D )

 I dunno, I'm sorry..

Can we vote for an ignore button?:D


Well...now that we got that outa us......we should delete this.....can i?
Did you find what you were looking for with the TV remote codes?
Post it here too it is robot related. It is stupid haing 2 websites when we have an electronics section too. If we try to have 2 websites we will duplicate information, it will get lost and make 1 website useless. We don't need a seperate website when we have a section for electronics here.



you guys bashed my 555 timer thingy (i know it was half arse done) on that it "wasnt a robot". So im moving all my electronics (I.E. Programs, chips, and any project that doesnt have parts that are controlled by a microcontroller or any source) and all of my robots (stuff that is PHYSICALLY moved by a microcontrolle). Thanks

Well it`s true, a 555 that beeps isn`t a robot. It`s a cool project, nobody was bashing it, we were just telling you it`s in the wrong spot. If you clicked a motorbikes button and saw cars instead you`d be miffed. "Robots" are for robots.

It had a microchip in it and i soldered it....i know that doesnt count as a robot...ok heres the definition "a machine that resembles a human and does mechanical, routine tasks on command." courtesy of dictionary.com. I bet theres no more than 1 robot on here that resembles a human! Sure, my robot wouldnt classify as a robot, ill accept that...but what really counts as a robot on here?

Indeed!, you are asking - "what is a robot"?
In fact, there is at least one active forum here on exactly this topic! (note though, I really wouldn't hold the "definitions" by dictionary.com too dearly....)

There is nothing wrong with your creation in the least. It seems very nifty.  But I think everyone here is a reasonable approximation of a person, and if you can definitively answer the question; "would joe-plumber on the street call this a robot?", then you probably have a good answer to your question. I think it's not to anyone's benefit to be too picky about what is/isn't a robot, or who thinks your robot is/isn't one. If people suggest that your post might be better served under a different classification, then it's no problem to change it, or simply ignore them (although you might run the risk of flaming...).

No-one's having a go, or if you think they are, then its more than likely to do with difficulties communicating with only text. Even more; some people have to translate and don't have the masterly command of the subtle and delicate nuances of the english language that I do (but beware cheap(er) imitations).

That's my 2c. Don't let comments put you off from creating, but at the same time, consider the points that are made from an objective  standpoint. I always ask myself - "what would obi-wan kenobi do?"


There are always alternatives to fighting......

pfffffffffft Fighting! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! OH I ROFLOL'D. I prefer verbal jousting. I dont take things personally...I just love to correct people (like so many of you do).
While I'm at it, this site is REALLY not the place for "verbal jousting"!, If you want to troll, there are plenty of other places to do that that won't clutter up what are otherwise interesting documentations of people's hard work and interests. This, and life in general, is not actually a pissing contest; we are not interested in who "wins" a conversation. We ARE interested if you have a vaid contribution - and you DO, it's just a that a suggestion was made to put your documentation in a more appropriate classification, it was really nothing more than that!