Let's Make Robots!

POLL-should we have 2 seperate sites?

Some benifits are....some people are purely programing and circuit kind of people and dont create robots.

Some Cons are....Multiple posts!!!!!! ANNOYING



feel free to post more cons and pros if you please.


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NAH aka No to 2 sites it isnt needed.
Can you make an electronics section @ the top of the page? for non robot projects?

I`ll say NAH. I always keep LMR open in a tab as I`m working at the computer so I can keep up to date and chat in the shoutbox. Having 2 sites is like trying to talk to 2 tables of different friends at the same time.

A simple way would be to add another top menu (it`s getting pretty crowded up there now. lol) for "Circuits" for anything else and keep "Robots" for robots.

Don't need YAH or NAH... you want another site? Just make it... But you can't ask people who already work hard on a website and pay money for it to work harder and pay more because you want another one...


I just wanted to know the people's opinion.....
There is a gassilion electronic sites and forums out on internet already, and try doing a google search with words like: programming, microcontroller, site, forum, electronic, circuit, etc. You'll be lucky to get less than a million hits. So, keep LMR for making complete robots and find another forum for other stuff...
the other form: LME oh didnt see that one! ;)
...the popular want is to have a link to it up in the links bar, right?


A few people here seem very Very VERY particular with only having full robot projects posted with most people posting robotics widgets being flamed and push to the blog marshlands.

Widgets form the bases of robotics; putting together a bunch of widgets is easier than designing the next industry changing widget, thus I feel widget designers need to be encouraged and this does not seem to be the place for that.

Thus a new/alternative site were none of the current prejudice can influence people wins my vote.


I think the issue is that some new people are not familiar with the lay of the land as it were. Yes the site is primarly for robot builders, but it does not exclude "widget" builders. I consider myself one of the widget makers and have posted my different projects to my blog as it was a fitting place to put it. 

As far as what should be posted, the FAQ should be helpful in pointing this out.