Let's Make Robots!

Rodbot is born ("start here" bot)

Rolls around, finds a hole, gets stuck, falls apart

Rah!! at last my "start here" bot is built.

Being a rank amateur struggled a fair bit with coding for the SRF05 and eventually nicked some posted code. Have digested and will be tweaking to suit but for now my bot is born and I will call him Rodbot.

Will be changing Rod's chasis setup and am currently getting frustrated trying to add LEDs, I suppose it's a sign I should go and do the DIY i've been avoiding, here ends the fun (for now) :(


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Hey, nice one, reminds me of something :P
Glad u like him, i'd been looking for some kind of "how to" for ages before I stumbled across your little gem, cheers for getting me started.
nice aesthetic

cheers, he wanted to look his best for his first appearance and wasnt happy till we had the perfect shot!

like - what uC are you using? what hardware? what were your pitfalls? what are your thoughts/suggestions for everyone else? what else would you like to improve/change/modify/not have to do ever again? how does it perform to your expectations?

more detail would be TOPS!


Have added  a bit of info about hardware etc.. basically just the stuff from fritsl's original post.


- not having any jumper cables, would have made life easier connecting outputs and wondering if things were going wrong due to my dodgy soldering.

-double sided sticky tape doesn't last that long, pain in the ass if you have to keep adjusting things. At one point Rodbot fell apart was dragging his circuits behind him like he'd been disembowelled and is sensor was lolling to one side making him only turn the opposite way

Would like to figure out how to stop him getting stuck in the same place (there's a narrow gap inbetween my sofa's that he could spend ages just looking at one then the other untill rescued).

When I get a chance I plan on building a solid chassis for him (so he doesn't fall apart), get some faster motors (far too slow at the moment), add some indicators and add a speaker to get him bleeping when he gets stuck.

When I've done all that I reckon I'll have learnt a fair bit and may look at getting him to recognie and follow objects or just shoot them somehow.