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Enclosures for random electronics!

Well, most of their cases aren't very big, but they have alot of choices! Waterproof, vented, locking, PCB screw-able, you name it! Also have enclosures for keypads, scanners, touchscreens.. pretty awesome!



The second link is the box I chose, there's a few choices of designs for the box. I chose the off-white/grey with no vents. 

I just ordered the Toptec case last night, with rubber bumpers. It's already on it's way, with a UPS tracking number. 

OH, and best of all, SAMPLES! You just need to fill out an "application" for your uses. For my "business" I put down Personal Use, and they're more than willing to ship out.


But alot of nifty boxes, and electronics. Just giving the heads up if you're looking for a cheap / free enclosure, give them a shot! (the total, if I were to have purchased would've came out to a little over $20 with shipping) I chose the cheapest enclosure, screws and rubber feet, just so there's less of a chance of getting denied, may have gotten a better case, but I'm not picky :D Any money I can save right now is helpful though.


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those look really good! and the first site even has electronics like cheap am transivers

I got a good site too:


They emailed me and watned to come to visit my office and talk business!

I had to fess up and say that I just liked the pretty boxes and wanted freebies..

ah well..

lol @ Emuller

So you didn't get your $90 of freebies? haha :) I just got my enclosure today, just gotta say.. PREMIUM case! they're awesome. If I had any skills with a camera I'd take pictures.. the case comes in four pieces, top bottom and the two end caps.  Once together, it takes a paper clip ( or something of equal size) to get the case open. Was a little smaller than I expected, but that's what I get for not looking into the specs too much. There's about 2 1/2 inches by 1 1/2 inches, with a spot to screw in PCBs. Plus I got the rubber feet, and screws. It's a little small for a robot, but would be awesome for like a remote control device with 2 potentiometers and a button. Or two joysticks! I need to work on my soldering, and circuit building! :P

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