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5V Regulators

Being stupid I can never find out how much resistor and what do i know I would need to get my 7,2V Racing pack battery to turn in to nice 5V that my other components like much better.

Then what makes me happy is when some electronics is simple, like the 5V voltage regulator; You insert "whatever" into it, and out you get steady, steady 5V!!

Note that the large metal-plate is for cooling as it can get hot, so you can put a screw into the hole and put it onto some metal with a larger surface.. BUT! This metal must not be a part of the circuit, I tried that once, strange things happend, smoke..IMG_3397.jpg


Other types

Info on 3.3V regulators and suppliers can be found here.

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it says the 7805 produce 1A is it safe?

Safe for what? The 7805 can supply 1 A if the circuit requires it, but the regulator will need a heat sink to do this for very long.

 Any regulator will only supply what the circuit being powered needs. 

ohh my bad...so 1A means that it is the max Ampere it will supply...Not supply it with 1 Ampere...
Pretty much, yep. But it will only supply that without frying with a good heatsink on it.

sorry if im repeating anything but..

for voltage regulators (the fixed ones)

the first letter is 7

the second letter is a 8 for positive and a 9 for nevative

the last two are the voltage ie. 7805 for positive 5v (duh!) 7912 for negative 12v etc...

there maybe be other codes but when i scavenged old pc power supplys this is what i found out

there are lots of different types for variables

Thermal Glue on the back connected to a small heat sink would work too. :)

 I dont really get wiring it, do you attach the black wire(ground, i think its called) to the center metal thing, and then the blue wire with black tape also to the center one? shouldn't that like short circuit?


 sorry if its a dumm question, but im knew to the whole robotics

thing, and decided "little 8" would be my first progect"




"and just when you think your at the bottom of your hole, god hands you a shovel"



The ground is shared between the battery and whatever your connecting the regulator to. Since it does not carry a positive charge it won't short anything out.


now i get it. 

Thank you very much! :)


"and just when you think your at the bottom of your hole, god hands you a shovel"

I've got a 5V voltage regulator wired up to a 9V battery.  to test, I've got an LED (& resistor) wired from the output of the regulator to ground and it lights up as expected.  If I measure the voltage from Vin to ground, I get ~9.5V.  If I measure from Vout to ground I get ~8.5V.  I expected to get about 5V.  Can someone explain what's going on here?  I've never used a voltage regulator before, so I'm guessing this is a fundamental misunderstanding or error....