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5V Regulators

Being stupid I can never find out how much resistor and what do i know I would need to get my 7,2V Racing pack battery to turn in to nice 5V that my other components like much better.

Then what makes me happy is when some electronics is simple, like the 5V voltage regulator; You insert "whatever" into it, and out you get steady, steady 5V!!

Note that the large metal-plate is for cooling as it can get hot, so you can put a screw into the hole and put it onto some metal with a larger surface.. BUT! This metal must not be a part of the circuit, I tried that once, strange things happend, smoke..IMG_3397.jpg


Other types

Info on 3.3V regulators and suppliers can be found here.

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So I just tore apart a broken CRT monitor specifically looking for a 5V power regulator, and it's there!!

 and a plus, a lot of huge capacitors.

...some of those caps might still hold enough charge to give you a fright.

I just bougt the switching regulator from Dimension Engineering and it works great! 


It's more expensive than the trusty 7805 but also a lot more efficient.  From what I'm told the traditional voltage regulator looses a lot of the extra power to heat, where a switching regulator does not.  They also have a line of "any voltage" regulators:



I knew it! 5V is king!

/ Frits

I just Looked at the documentation for the chip, it says it could handle a 5 volt power source so i am going to buy that regulator and use it, hopefully it doesnt shorten the life of it.

Thanks Fritz and Jimmy 

Sounds reasonable, but I have no clue. However - I think this is a litle crazy setup :)

What do you mean by the 3v regulator not being "stable"?

/ Frits

I will check tomorrow when i get access to it. Could i use a 5 volt regulator and use resistors to bring it down to 3 volts just incase it dies on 5v?

Are you sure it will die on more power, like 5V?

/ Frits

My problem is that i cant find a 3 volt regulator at all. my microprocessor is stable with another system for battery and i am driving some units that require 3 volts, But i do not want to use two c cells or anything like that id rather use a 9 volt that i will get alot of power out a compact space. The 3 volt probably has to be stable because it is running a microcontroller, it is kind of like a daughter board off my main controller

What I would like to know is; Why do you need 3V?

.. And then I am thinking that possible the reason that you cannot get a stable 3V is that you should solder some of them blue things over each leg! (Good help, ha?) - I will find out what they are later, I have them laying over in my workshop.

/ Frits