Let's Make Robots!

'Making of' FOBOT Video

I've been quite busy & I know it's coming in a bit late, but for interests sake here is some of the background footage behind my OddBot Video Challange entry.


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Wicked cool, thanks :)

That was great Mikv, unfortunately I missed out on the sound but I did get a laugh out of it. I look forward to seeing what you do with your prize.
awww :( the jerkpunks knocked the sound out of it it was much cooler with music.
Sooner or later you won`t be able to whistle without someone throwing copyright lawsuits at you.

I couldn't resist the excuse to mix robotics & pyromania, all in good safe fun of course!

I had to make do with what I had. Gareth (fellow pyro) pointed me to his robot 'Puff' & mentioned Flash Paper which would have been great, but they're pretty uptight about fireworks in Australia so I don't think i'd be able to get any.

Nice One mikv ........ your talents should take you further than you think !!!!!!!!

I had an idea of how much work you had put into it but i really under_estimated the amount of Pyro-work-expertise you have....very creative. 

As a "mini production" it ranks very high - maybe an idea to enter it into some other short film competitions.

BTW i bought flash paper from here The Magic Warehouse (they mark the very flat packet as - "Magic tricks" so nosey customs creeps have no chance of peeking) - if you want i can send you a few sample sheets to try out .....(it comes soaked in water - just in case delivery is too fast hehe)

Haha as good as the actually video was I think I laughed more over the making of video :) Great job!

Some kind of pyromania, but I like it ;-)

Great making of for the best video ever here on LMR.