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DIY MOTOR CONTROLLER!!! I use a Basic Stamp 2!!! I want it to be able to control 3 motors!!!

Okey guys, I'm having a little problem here, I'm low on cash and I want to build a DIY motor controller.

However, I need it to be able to control three or four motors.

Even the cheap Pololu MOTOR CONTROLLER (EDIT) won't fit the bill!!!

If I buy two, It'll end up spending around AU$83 !!!

And the ones I found on instructables are manually controlled (By hand)!!!

And I want to put my new soldering iron to the test!!!

Can somebody give me the list of parts, where to get them (in Australia) and the schematic for it?

I'm really desperate!!!

Please help!


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... is finally not here...




But the problem is that the 3 motors cost $42.50 for all of them...

...around AU$25!!!


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yay! that is way under the 80 AUD you would have paid for the other one! Cool!
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I could tell you but that way i would teach you to learn it by yourself.

Check the datasheet for that chip, you'll find every information you need to make it work. Really, datasheet are the keys to make everything work properly, like Oddbot taught me! SDA and SCL are just the two pins used by I2C communication (have a look at it on wikipedia).


Btw...i'm not trying to be harsh, i just want you to learn reading datasheets. Believe me, it pays you back, a lot!!! If it wasn't for Oddbot's advice i'd still be asking people around the forums how to make that ISD chip work, instead i read the datasheets like he told me and i've learned lots of things!  


 Too late mate, I'm already finished with the project of designing it!

I do look at datasheets though.

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Good job!

:=) Show it to us!

... plug it into my Ancient 5000BC computer, and scan it in...


... Maybe I'll just pinch my dad's Nikon D90 DSLR Camera for extra punch!!!