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cleaning robot

hy..i'm italian...so excuse me for my english..this is my idea...i want to build a cleaning robot based on this robot ...what i want to do is: build thant robots and put under it one of this:

51dL1hDQJPL._SL500_.jpg...it's a robot for my mom :p...what do u thing? and can u tell me  shop where i can buy all what i need? because i'm in italy and i prefer to buy from just one shop for shipping cost...thank u!!!

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It can however be a good way to get into robot building if you have never done it before and was worth mentioning for the cost, it's a non-fragile unit and it could be taken apart for 'modifications' and studying.

 Pre-built robo vac, http://www.ebuyer.com/product/135181

Add a swiffer, job done? 

RIIIDAA, of www.riiidaa.com

Buying prebuild robots isn't fun. There is no learning and fun in that. Doing it yourself gets you experience, even if you fail. You then learn the difficulties and do it better next time.


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Cool project! I had some similair idea. I am now building a robot, with a hacked USB vacuum cleaner on it. That way it can drive around detect any dust and clean it. The detection part is the hardest. I think I first let it clean a marked square.

 This is the USB vacuum cleaner, which I hacked and connected it to my microcontroller.

hacked USB vacuum cleaner

Check out my robots - http://letsmakerobots.com/user/319/robots


It sounds like a cool project.

You should start with part one.

Where to buy Picaxe?


thank u for the reply..but the italian shop is very expensive!!!! omg!!...do u thing that is impossible to star with your second robot?
You could start with a 10 foot tall biped that speaks 150 languages, but it would be harder ;) So thats a bit overboard, but you get my point. You can start with anything, but you have to be willing to accept the learning curve. The first robot he has is pretty simple, the second is a bit harder. Its all trial and error. Don't try to finish the thing in one shot. Get a motor turning, then a servo, then another motor. Go step by step and learn why it is doing what it is doing. You'll learn more that way and it will make your future projects MUCH easier. Just keep at it ;)