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Mounting Brackets from DAGU

Vendor's Description: 

They will be packed as 5 sets with four different colors(red, dark blue, black and two silvery ones).

Thanks for the effort from Oddbot, Robologist, Frits and LMR.


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cool!  are there any specs?  like dimensions or something? or price...?  i like em and would love to have some on my newest robot :-)


echorobotics: On the sides of the things are printed an URL...


oh... hehehe :)
Yep. Me too.
This turns out a really cool and usefull part. Definitely another item to add to my wishlist  ;)
Very cool. Like robologist, another item for the neverending list o' goodies.
Now I have yet another item on my order list to email to Claudia, once I finally get some spare cash.

Nice components and its good to see cooperation between the users and the manufactureres. I did also look at the dagu electronics website but could not find a link to buy these parts. To be perfectly honest, I think the Dagu webpage is so hard to navigate around it needs a complete rework(but thats a different subject).

Anyway, looking forward to test these components. 

This is REALLY COOL, Claudia!!!

2 very important notes:

A) Where can we buy them?

B) The print should be "letsmakerobots.com/node/7046" - and NOT "let's make robots.com/node/7046"


i see something wired in your 2 very important notes:

B) The print should be "letsmakerobots.com/node/7046" - and NOT "let's make robots.com/node/7046"