Let's Make Robots!

how to adjust the programming editor to a picaxe 28x1

tells you how to adjust the picaxe programming editor to a picaxe 28x1

 in 7 easy steps!


this is made to help all the newbies who come to this site and jump into the "start here"project.    -and by doung that, hopefully makes the amount of "HELP!!  its says "hardware not found""-forum topics! :)

many of these newbies think: they can look at the walktrough's pictures, build their robot and copy-paste the program-code into the editor to then pres "F5" = ROBOT! :D

but then it says..     "ERROR!  hardware not found!"      ..because they DIDN'T READ THE MANUAL!!!

(remember to read the manual, part 1, 2 and 3)

if you are really lost in the editor here is how to find the manuals:3719555869_3a59b62176_o.jpg


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I don't want to discourage contributors, but I do think that they should think about what they are posting and make it broad enough for a larger subset of users to take advantage of if possible. This is very limiting..do you not agree?Will we need one for a 20m user? 18x user?

I know that there are quite a few younger folk on here and I would think that we should encourage them to learn how to go through a process properly.  Teaching a more direct  route to the info would be more helpful so that they can be independent and learn. 

Just because they think it's necessary doesn't make it so.  IMO, these posts just becomes a fragmented part of a manual that can get easily outdated when on a forum. I mean are people going to go through the whole manual piece by piece and post a short blurb on every different thing that could be a useful tip?

Here is a useful tip, read the manual first, ask questions for topics you don't understand.


Do people not read the manual or something??? Is this really a needed tip? Come on people, use the thing between your ears.....

Careful Voodoobot!

Comments like that will cause someone to throw a tantrum and create a new site called Let's Make Programs!

can we vote on that, and I'm already making the site!!!

Hit F5.

When the dialog box pops up saying you are on the wrong setting, click yes and change it.


Are there people who have not figured this out yet?

BTW; Why the fck have they not made it auto-change into the right mode? (Or at least provide the option)

Often, when I work on 2 different bots at the same time, I have to swap and swap, it is so irritating! 2 computers then? Yes, but then if I want to copy-paste all the time..

The freaking editor knows that this is wrong, and knows how to set it right.. Well.. then do it already, you editor!

You could use this http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/ to make the computers share the same mouse, keyboard and clipboard :)
So I don't have to reboot and dress like a chicken? Hmm I guess I was doing it all wrong! ;)