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Qwerk control with Processing 2

Here's some more progress towards a processing-based control panel: got mouselook video feed, and keyboard controlled motors/LEDs/sound effects now! Also, I've upgraded to filming in High Def (that version is here- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMHlcNt5O60&fmt=22)

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Interesting. I`m making a similar thing in processing for my robot. The problem is processing doesn`t have classes for things like buttons and text areas but once I found the controlP5 library it was a lot easier.


Love the sound effects.....

Okay, I'm wondering exactly how you're interfacing to the robot - and I AM stupid about this stuff, so to prevent me posting potentially flammable newbie questions, in your opinion where might be a good place for me to start reading about the arrangement you're using?

erm, never mind, I found some info..