Let's Make Robots!

Robots we don't like : those who spam LMR >_<

Those days i have the feeling that there are more and more spam on the site, a random comment and a link to some porn website like "I like your robot,  but potatoes are better. Duck having sex with a pineapple."

 Is there any way to prevent that? Like with a captcha for thet first ten times a user wants to post or something like that? I mean, as long as it's not a big deal to make, i know you guys already work a lot on the site!

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dude, i really dont think anyone ever takes you seriously :D cuz it sounds like youre joking all the time!
are you sure?


I'm never going to give you up rick!!!

You perv, you see a link "duck having sex with a pineapple" and you just couldn't help but clicking it!

oh gross!

you mean like quack, a duck?

In australia, we use the word "duck" to colloquially mean "avoid", as in; "duck that boomerang". So, I was naturally only trying to avoid having sex with a pinapple! 

I'm pure!

Lol, "duck that boomerang"... the proof that you're australian... i should have written "kangaroo having sex with a pineapple" it would have been easier for you to understand (but i'm sure you'd still clik it ^^)
Is this from the same guy that posted Robot and sexy naked girl to draw attention to his post?




Ok i have to admit that i deserve that one :)  Totoro 0 - Mintvelt 1

 But at least i didn't pollute other people's thread! (and you got owned by my trap didn't you? ^^ so i guess it's Totoro 1 - Mintvelt 1)

Well, even if i just lost my credibility thanks to mintvelt, i stay on my position, i hate those robot-spammers ><

LOL Slow down there, Tex! You ninjas are too uptight. You should take a lesson from us Pirates and relax a little ;) Have some Rum! (wait, are you 21?)

He's not bullying site users, he's talking about spam-bots. You know, the programs that run solely to add useless comments to any site that has open comments. It was also a legitimate request for some countermeasure to be put in place to stop said spambot attacks.

@TotoroYamada, methods to stop it (or at least slow it down) are on the todo list. Right now the best option we have is simply letting an admin know the node and comment number so it can be deleted. If an admin is on, a quick mention in the shoutbox seems to work okay. Something like "Spam! /node/xxxx#yyyy". If no admin is currently online, don't worry too much, it'll either get found and deleted, or just fall off the recent posts list anyway.

Thanks for the answer Rudolph, and i do know you guys are already working a lot on the site, i imagine you have a pretty long todo list!

I saw emuller do the shoutbox-trick, and it seems to work quite well so i'll do that next time i see one of those annoying crap.