Let's Make Robots!

Tiny Tim

Scripted driving for testing and finetuning motor control

This is my supposed entry for the 2010 DTU Robocup challenge. The body is made from LEGO Technic bricks from the Robotics Invention System (the old MINDSTORMS set) and from two 8287 Technic motors that are used in some of LEGO's R/C buggies. The electronics are homemade on a perforated board and basically consist of voltage regulation circuitry, two motor driver circuits and an ISP connection for programming the robot. Check out the schematic for more details.


The current video is where I test out how the robot drives - which it does kind of like Evil Knievel! This robot uses a new kind of skid-steering where the wheels fly right off the axles :-)

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Well... I'd just like to see it keep its wheels on at that speed :-D. In the first test run it did a spin and I didn't even see the 2 front wheels fly off... they were found something like 8 meters away! This is a power packed beast!
Skid steering or crash steering....regardless it had some lulz...  :D