Let's Make Robots!

Most stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

it's in the title; most of the stuff that you guys write is pretty funny.

i think.

sometimes i wonder if i am the only one finding the sht that is written funny. or are you serious?

this is not like youtube where any one is writing. it's pretty nerdy in here, similar minds. and usually funny!

there, i made a blog entry on a robot-builder-website! 2.000 robot building people will read this.

i know chris the carpenter; he sees the joke. first time i talked to him via skype he was shouting "p.". but i wonder if all of you out there is seeing like the overall joke, or some are like really serious and stuff.

my 5 cents!

ps: i think we are going to have titles, maby. if we are, chris should be some form of master of aesthetics.


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It's not just you man, I think LMR's got a good sense of humour.
Maybe it's something to do with having a pretty smart community of people that also like working together and helping each other out, unlike the average elitist academic types =D

PS: Keep up the good work mate. All this recent drama has been pretty hilarious but it does remind me how much of a jewel LMR really is.

Yes, there has been a lot of drama, hasn't there?
i cant help but wonder about the reactions if you had posted this as a robot instead of a BLOG ;)
I dunno, I think as a tip or walkthrough this would have been pretty amusing.  :D

2009 must be the year of the LOL in LMR...lol

I'll take the job!


I'll make it official somehow!

It's TWO cents, dude.    ..."that's my two cents..."   "...let me give you my two cents..."   etc.

5 cents!?!?


Man, start watching crappy U.S. movies like rik does! Sheesh!

Until you americans start using the metric system, we europeans will use 5 cents instead of 2. Besides, in some countries, the smallest coin is 5 cents.


Poor comments are 2 cents. Mine was 5.