Let's Make Robots!

Money to people with time


Thanks for all the mails.

They take time to read, I will return to everyone.

I think the pool is closed for now, I need an overview, so more letters for now regarding this, thanks.

PS: Remember that Dan is doing the same; he is paying for hosting of LMR. And Del / Rudolph is spending serious amount of time upgrading the kernel to LMR II. And rik and jklug and you and you, and everyone who is writing instructions and submitting work they have spend hours on. 

I just don't have the hours, so I try to do my part this way, and of course it seems more "crazy". But it is no different from everyone else who is doing so much to keep this site alive and fun. Thanks to everyone!



The point is that I have no time but I am alright with money (because I work all the time), and you want to build, and you have plenty of time, but have no money to buy parts. So you make it easy and fast for me to order stuff for you, you make robots without using my time and your money.

If you are not able to make it fast and easy for me to order stuff fro you, you either do not have enough time, or are too young or miss talent or something that makes me not want to pay for your robots.

And no: It is not the point that you should send the finished work to me. This is only about making robots, and it is better if at least one of us are making robots than none of us :) I think it's only fair. If I had lots of time, and some jerk with a job was out there, I'd say "pay me for some parts, so I can make robots, dude".

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I think that anyone with no time and a little money, should donate to anyone else with lots of time and little money.

I personaly have no time to build, so pleaase, if you have time to build but need money, PM me, I will be happy to pay you some.

It's only fair in the big master-puzzle. And it will give me robots to look at.

Everyone with no time should offer this to people with no money. IMHO.

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I wasn't planning on you donating me money anyway. I was just curious.

It's cool :)

(And I wouldn't mind helping you if you had too much time and too little money for some reason, that's all)

i have time but lack the motors. :)
I have time and money but lack motivation :(
Then the best thing is to find someone else who has motivation and start working together on a project :)
I'm in the same boat for the most part.....

i have several ideas for robots that i want to build but my current experience only involves a 16f84 pic.

and the trouble i have is that in my country there isnt that big of a selection of parts when it comes to robotics. so i have to order my stuff. i ordered a picaxe so i could start learning more about that first before building my ideas. but i was also wondering if someone could help me out with a 2V voltage sensor and a 74HC240 octal buffer. i have a burning urge to build a solar engine but those parts arent available here.


Woot @ Frits!

The world needs more people like you! Offering some maybe less fortunate people help, in return for only hearing about their experience! (well and seeing, we need our pictures!) What a champ!

I think it's a great idea and I hope to see somebody have fun and hopefully learn some stuff out of it!   I'd offer myself, I got most of everything I need.. just missing a few servos/motors/sensors,  oh yeah.. and motivation. Haha I've been so worried about learning how to program the Arduino before hand, haven't gotten into robotics much. Just purchased Physical Computing not too long ago, kind of a bummer they didn't have Arduino, but still has alooooot of good information. Now, to read it!

Hopefully more ideas like this, and the XMOS Challenge  will bring along more LMR'ers, robots, and SPAM! supporting companies!

didnt know what i wanted to build 'til now, then realized i am dead broke! come on! i have lots of time! im on summer break!

I have no clue of what to write back.