Let's Make Robots!

The last drum machine


Actually I only made this one partly; LMR member Karol asked me to fix an atempt gone wrong. So All I did here was to take someone elses messed up robot apart, make the parts work, add a little design touch, and take credits right here :D

No video, you know what it sounds like ;)

More pictures here

Original drumming robot here

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Would like to see the Bottom.

Why ...... well more specifically how do you tension the tracks.

(i had always a problem with "puff" that i could not tension the tracks - they would always be slack).

Is it a case of pulling the axles like hell and quick screw (that didnt sound right) - or is there an adjustment thingy ?

Wheels on axels, belt on wheels, bull hard apart, add plenty of hot glue on axle!
I made a tensioner on Ozzy with a bolt and nut and a one of those ring style cable connectors.

Thanks for the tip re:- tensioners on Ozzy (nice Job BTW)

it looks so cool. can you post some video please.