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roamer and avoider

This is one of my small projects, started from a couple of things lying around.

The motors are from a couple of battery powered tooth brushes and the base is from a cell phone charger.

I'm building the circuit using a 14m and  sn754410 motor driver.

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Nice design. IMHO, without gears the motors will not have enough torque to move the wheels under load.
I was going to write the same... you are not using gears, you might get trouble with that  :/
When I tested the motor with the current battery setup, it seemed to have quite a bit of torque(finger shredding power). so I figured I'd at least try this setup. If it works cool, if not, no worries, this is just a side project using some spare parts I had lying around. I'll see if I can motivate myself to build the board this weekend and have it tested with a vid or something.

same as the other two guys wrote you. unless those toothbruch motors have some special ability it wont be able to move and if yes, it will be tough job to control it, because movements will be jerky.

i once tried making a bot with ordinary small DC motors from some toy car (they looked quite the same and it there was just chasis with motors and H-bridges it looked like it should be able to work, but after i put batteries on it, it was too heavy.

i am curious what are those motors of yoursgoing to behave like :)