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Minature servos

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DAGU now has minature servos available. The specifications are:

Weight: 8g
Torque: 1.5Kg / cm @ 4.8V
Speed: 0.1 sec / 60 degrees
Max voltage: 6V
Travel: 180 degrees

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Thank you very much! By the way, I'm buying the servos from Robotshop.

They are just a standard servo. I have updated the details to include the travel being 180degrees. For this reason when using the Arduino you will find that the range of your signal will start below the standard 1mS pulse width and extend beyond the 2mS pulse width. You will need to experiment with the limits as it will vary slightly from servo to servo but basically 750uS - 2250uS should give full travel.

These servos are now sold by our distributors in several countries and recently the gears have been upgraded to improve their strength.

These are amazing! I'm planning on using them with an Arduino... so what do I do? I mean what's the operating angle and the usec stuff?



Just received 14 mini servos (+ 2 dc motors + a compound eye). Man these servos are small. I LOVE them. And I'm thrilled to FINALLY be able to move on with my projects.

At the same time I'm furious cause the Argentinean customs just charged me 100% (!!!!!) of the value :( Unbelievable! I HATE this silly country.

A strange feeling indeed being thrilled AND furious at the same time. Don't think I ever tried that before :| And definately the LAST time I ever mailorder anything from here.

Anyway these servos rule. I definately recommend them.

PS: Servos I love you :)

Many of our customers ask us to write a different price on the shipping documents to reduce howmuch they get charged. We are happy to do this for you if you ask.


It never occured to me to ask. Not used to buying stuff off the net. And it's the 1st time while I've lived here. :(

But thanks for telling me...

I misunderstood your earlier comment: "Unfortunately that deal only applies to USA". Got it now...
I don't mean to nitpick but I just tried to order 12 of these servos and 1 compound eye, which shouldn't weigh more than 0.25kg, and certainly not more than 0.5kg. However I was told that the shipping price was 20$. I suppose the shipping prices given only applies to USA? Or....?
Those were old prices from a different service. We do not give America any special treatment as they are only one small country :P

I'm a bit confused...Do you ship to other countries than USA? And how much would it cost to ship to say Argentina?

Another thing...is it possible to get some more specs? Eg. it says 4.8V which is kinda odd. Usually servos are a bit more tolerant..like 4.8 to 6.0...


Also I'd like to ask if anyone has used these servos? How do they perform compared to other cheap microservos like HXT900 and SG90?