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Minature servos

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DAGU now has minature servos available. The specifications are:

Weight: 8g
Torque: 1.5Kg / cm @ 4.8V
Speed: 0.1 sec / 60 degrees
Max voltage: 6V
Travel: 180 degrees

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We ship to all countries, as for the specs, it says maximum voltage is 6V, the torque is given at 4.8V as this is a minimum voltage normally used. At 6V the torque will be better.

I have used the HXT900 before, they seem to be a bit stronger but they are electrically noisier, I had to use a super cap to get the original caterpillar to work well with them. They also tended to burn out at 6V even with little load. SplatBot used them on his neck and Cacophonix used them as well. I had about 3 of them fail for no apparent reason other than the fact they were running at 6V.

Sorry..missed the 6V..I'm too tired..

Well I plan to run them at 5V. And generally it's risky to run servos at 6V..atleast unless your supply setup is EXTREMELY stable. The moment it passes 6V they tend to fail..

Anyway a few more questions:

- The shipping prices mentioned are also valid for Argentina then?

- Any idea about the shipping time (to Southamerica/Argentina)?

- How does payment function? I have paypal. But NEVER use my card online!!

- Are the servos + the compound eye currently in stock (=it will be sent fast)?

Sorry to bother you :|

I can not give you an exact shipping cost as it depends on the weight of the order. Email Claudia with an order and she will calculate the cost and send you the payment details. Paypal should be fine.

Yes the servos and compound eye are in stock, delivery time should be about 4 days from when payment is recieved.

Does DAGU deliver also through taobao.com ? I am in Hong Kong and usually I placed my order through taobao.


Taobao is DAGU's online store. Just let him know you are a member of LMR

here's the link


Very good news ! Thank you for the link.

Do you have the current draw specs on these?

Looks like a nice alternative to the HXT-900 I normally use.

Is there a page somewhere with all the items that DAGU is offering to LMR users or is it just in the random postings?

I used HXT900 with the original caterpillar. These seem to be far less noisy (electrically) while having similar performance.

I am trying to organise a list. Hopefully next week I'll post it.

Is it possible to suppress the electrical noise with caps on the power supply wires?