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Minature servos

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DAGU now has minature servos available. The specifications are:

Weight: 8g
Torque: 1.5Kg / cm @ 4.8V
Speed: 0.1 sec / 60 degrees
Max voltage: 6V
Travel: 180 degrees

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I suggest a 0.1uF monolithic capacitor across each servos power connections and a big electrolitic on the servo power supply output, at least 470uF. With my prototype caterpillar I cheated a bit and used a small supercap.
Are these considered SG90 equivalents? And is there any way to get them with different color casing? 
I looked up the specifications on SG90 servos, if anything ours are slightly better, higher torque and faster. I think we would have to do a special order to get a different coloured case and that would be more expensive.
Hmm.  Thanks for the ebay listing.  I just asked Claudia for a price with shipping to the US for 10 units.  The ones on ebay also come with 3 types of servo horns and hardware.  They have a bit less torque and a tiny bit more speed.  Tempting.

I would like to support Clauia and Dagu by purchasing parts, and they do ave some vry nice ones. But the cost must be competitive.

I posted the ebay link to re-inforce the need for reduced shipping charges. 

It would really help if there was a distriuter in the west (US or Europe) that carried them

Unfortunately that deal only applies to USA. LMR is a world wide community and the price we are quoting is for anywhere in the world. We can ship cheaper but have had problems in the past which is why we are looking at DHL where each parcel is tracked.

We are looking at setting up something better in the near future.

These are perfect! They come with standard servo horns and hardware, right?
Yes, in the photo I only included 1 set of horns but each servo comes with the servo horns and screws shown in the picture.

Too bad about the shipping costs.

Maybe DAGU could gather more orders in one package and ship them to Europe, maybe to someone of us living in Central Europe so the big shipping cost would be divided and the people who ordered would only pay the shipping across Europe.